ET In the explosive season premiere, Iyanla travels to the hometown of multi-platinum rapper and actor DMX where she tackles one of the most controversial sessions of her career. Immediately following at 9 p. ET is the premiere of Life with La Toya , which gets up close and personal with La Toya Jackson as she juggles the many demands of her famous family, her life-long friends and her growing entertainment business empire. On Monday, July 1 at 9 p. ET , the new comedy docu-series Raising Whitley joins the Monday night lineup. The new series stars actress and comedienne Kym Whitley who along with her chaotic collective of friends, come together as a family to raise her young son. Iyanla sits down with the couple to talk about the role of co-parenting in spite of their contentious divorce. Secrets are revealed, truths are uncovered and emotions run high as Sheree and Bob reveal how they really feel about each other. ET beginning Monday, April 15 at p. The new reality series gets up close and personal as La Toya hunts for a new house, builds new business ventures, contemplates starting a family and perhaps the biggest of all — jumps into the dating pool for the first time, ever.

In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want

Iyanla: Fix My Life is the reality show you have never seen before. Iyanla Vanzant, accomplished author, inspirational speaker, talk show host and living testament to the value in life’s valleys and the power of acting on faith, goes behind closed doors and deep inside people’s lives for emotional, rivetingconversations. Iyanla has had a unique life filled with many personal struggles, which she has overcome and used to become stronger.

3 Black Men Explain Why They Don’t Date Black Women. Iyanla Fix My Life. Three black men sit down with spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant to talk about why.

A source of the anger for many of the women of the show is the breakdown of friendships between black women. Within the first ten minutes of the show, two of the women start fighting. Black female friendship has always been a contentious topic for me. I went to a majority white Middle school, High school and College and now work at a organization that is majority white.

Because of that, most of my close female friends are white. Growing up and as an adult I have struggled making and keeping black female friendships. As an adult I have often craved that intimate friendship with black women. Have spoken with other black women they have echoed my difficulties. Black women are often pitted against each other. The light skin vs dark skin and good hair vs bad hair epidemic often causes this strife and discord. The competition for men further extends this problem.

In my own life I have experienced this. In college a girl in my dorm hated me because we both liked the same guy. Me and this guy fizzled out over a matter of weeks.

Casting Call for New Season of Iyanla Fix My Life

Iyanla: Fix My Life is the reality show you have never seen before. Iyanla Vanzant, accomplished author, inspirational speaker, talk show host and living testament to the value in life’s valleys and the power of acting on faith, goes behind closed doors and deep inside people’s lives for emotional, riveting conversations. Iyanla has had a unique life filled with many personal struggles, which she has overcome and used to become stronger.

Now, she’s back, helping people fix their lives, using her past to help others’ futures. Secrets will be revealed, truths will be uncovered and emotions will come out as Iyanla teaches us how to pull back the curtain on what is broken in our lives. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Especially when she got to Tubman! Why did she say the 1st grade version of Park’s Boycott. Iyanla: I want you to come over here and read those lyrics to Harriet Tubman. Iyanla: Go on. Read to the ancestors! Skip navigation! Story from Pop Culture. Jerry Springer has an affinity for extreme cheating cases. Maury Povich has mastered the art of the paternity reveal on his eponymous talk show.

Iyanla Vanzant — the life coach and New Thought spiritualist co-signed by Oprah herself — has also found a profitable niche for her show Iyanla: Fix My Life: scurrilous reality stars and other Black socialites. She is often seated in their clean kitchen or living room, asking hard questions and offering her authoritative take on where they went wrong in their lives and relationship.

An Intimate Conversation With Iyanla Vanzant On Self-Love, Womanhood & Finding Your Purpose

Iyanla has had a rough life. Her birth mother died when she was two years old; she suffered a miscarriage, was in a violent relationship, and went through a divorce and bankruptcy. But for the renowned book author, every single bump on the road came with a lesson, including the most challenging one: losing her daughter. Beloved, I wanted to remind you that today, December 19th, is the final day to place your MasterPeace order to make it in time for Christmas.

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Eventbrite – St. Peter’s United Church of Christ presents Rev. Derek On ‘Iyanla Fix My Life: Where Are they Now’ Viewing Party! – Saturday.

For three seasons, inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant has stepped in and orchestrated interventions for people spiraling out of control. Check out JETmag. The controversial new father has seen his name constantly in the headlines as of late. First for getting his girlfriend Kim Kardashian pregnant, then for his unorthodox Yeezus album, and also for the sheer naming of his daughter, North. But while all of the above should be reasons for Kanye to rejoice, the hip-hop star has instead been a perpetual grump when it comes to the paparazzi, which culminated in a public cameraman tussle at LAX.

Maybe Iyanla could get the Chicagoan going in a new direction. Before Kevin Hart became the reigning comedian of the moment, Katt Williams was the funny man. He had movie roles, comedy specials and even a short-lived record deal on the table. But then his tall tales became not-so-funny moments that included numerous run-ins with the law and head-scratching reports of odd behavior.

‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ Might Be The Best Reality Show on TV

I swear that when I first heard Iyanla ask this question I nearly jumped out of my seat! Almost immediately, I took this question and applied it to my own dating life. I think the person-promise-penis question really struck a nerve with me because my dating past has had an abundance of failures. At first, it was easy to place blame on the men that I was entertaining, without taking any responsibility for my own actions and decisions.

Iyanla Vanzant says she turned down R. Kelly when he reached out to be on her Oprah Winfrey Network series “Iyanla: Fix My Life.”.

The Podcast Follow Us. Life coach Iyanla Vanzant works with those whose lives are in chaos, encouraging them to do the work necessary for real change. Find out how Iyanla developed her gift for hearing beneath the words people speak to get to the real root of the issue. Oprah and Iyanla talk with Amy, a mother of three, who says she is shackled to her guilt after making a terrible decision two years ago.

Iyanla says decisions matter and so do you! A 6-Week Journey with Iyanla Vanzant. About this podcast. Spiritual teacher Iyanla Vanzant says she can “smell a lie” because she was untruthful in her own life for so long. Spirit is the key to everything we desire.

Why These Black Men Don’t Date Black Women #FixMyLife

All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress. When she’s not bike riding in Brooklyn or hanging with friends, Mo can be found writing news, op-eds and feature stories for HelloBeautiful. She has also frequently appeared on Arise TV as a cultural and political commentator. Seeing the trouble that other people get themselves in from their unwise and short-sighted decisions reminds me how stable my own life is.

We do these things because we as women naturally act on our feelings, and our feelings of love can be overpowering even when our common sense tells us to do otherwise.

Is Iyanla actually going to fix some lives this time? Well, we hope so DMX! (SMH) In an all-new season of OWN’s award-winning series “Iyanla.

Below the reality star tells her side of the story. We recorded that in January. When I wrote in [to the show] in November me and Saigon were having a lot of difficulty in our relationship and I figured that that this would be a good opportunity to help us hash things out and figure out how we could get along for our son. A lot of the things in the interview, I was caught off guard on, and I felt like Saigon maybe had an agenda going in prior to me knowing.

I felt like a lot of information that was being thrown at me was very one-sided. It was pretty much for me, before we go to the courts, I kind of wanted to see if we could reconcile, but I think Iyanla was just pretty much pointing the finger at me and not rectifying the problem. It made it worse because I think after him doing the show and seeing the show it made him feel like his behavior towards me was justifiable.

In the beginning, when she said something about being called a b—-, why do you respond to that? At one point, you seemed to get upset when Iyanla asked you about your plastic surgery. Did you think that question was irrelevant? I think that Brian [Saigon] and her had a discussion prior.

Watch New Trailer for ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ (VIDEO)

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On her new show, Vanzant offers guidance on how to live beyond The host of OWN’s hit show “Iyanla: Fix My Life, usually has a pretty or we’re on Facebook or, you know, on social media or dating sites,” states Vanzant.

Iyanla: Fix My Life. Prejudice Part 2 Season 9: Episode The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled. Jan 19, 3 And the Lie Detector Says Prejudice Part 1 Jul 27, 25 Pride vs. Prejudice Part 2 Aug 3, Subscribe for show updates Receive automatic notifications when Iyanla: Fix My Life Season 10 release date is announced. Notify me fans have subscribed. All OWN shows Black Love Scheduled.

The Haves and the Have Nots.

Why Fear of Intimacy Is the Real Deal Breaker